Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tips On Working Overseas

Industrialized countries offer more job opportunities with competitive salary package; that is why more and more Filipinos opt to use their knowledge in foreign land than help in the development of their own country. We can't actually blame them for their decision; they have the best reasons for doing such.

I have tried my luck once, I decided to work in UAE. The decision was half-hearted at that time that is why I was not successful on my first attempt. Now, I want to believe that I have grown to be more matured and I am willing to give it another shot. No definite destination yet, but one thing is for sure; I belong to the group of Filipinos who would like to seek better future overseas.

My experience taught me a lot; and I would like to share some tips to those who have plans of working abroad as well.

    * Read and understand your contract before confirming for the job. Make sure you know how much you should be earning and the other benefits that may be included on your contract.
    * If the employer would not provide your housing; look for a place near your work area. It could save you a lot of money on transportation if you can just walk going to your work place.
    * If it is your first time in that country, a little research could help. Remember that ignorance excuses no one. Learn about their labor laws and the culture of that country.
    * If you have friends in that country, get in touch with them. You are in a foreign land, it is best to have someone that you can rely on in case of emergency.
    * Know the location of the nearest office of the Philippine consulate in your area. They are the best office to seek help from in case you have problems with your employer.

Being apart from your loved ones is a big sacrifice. So once an opportunity arise, think about it and make sure that your goal in working abroad is clear. There will be a lot of cultural differences that you can encounter along the way, you just have to stay focus on your goal. Of course, prayer is still the best weapon against homesick and any temptation.

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