Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dad, Is there Really Santa Claus?

Our home is all set for Christmas and kids are pretty much excited about it. My son Jeon how is now 4 years old is actually doing the countdown. He is very eager to receive gifts from Santa Claus. Every night he prays to Jesus that He would let Santa Claus know that he is a good boy and deserves to have Christmas presents. His wish? Transformer robots (Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee).

In fact, he often asks me and his mom, is there really Santa Claus? Where does he live? Does he live from afar that he only give gifts during Christmas day? I would like my child to believe that there is Santa Claus; but I would not want him to focus on Santa Claus rather than the true meaning of Christmas. That is why we encourage him to pray to Jesus about his Christmas wish.. I would like him to believe that a jolly old man goes out during Christmas eve to give gifts to those who were on Santa's "Nice list". Let him discover in due time that Dad and Mom are Santa Claus, when he reach the right age. As for now, when he asked me again if there is really Santa Claus I would gladly tell him that there is. Santa Claus is waiting instructions from Jesus Christ on who are the "naughty and nice".

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  1. I like this. You give a good lesson that presents are fun but we should all understand the true meaning of Christmas.


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