Saturday, June 19, 2010

Earn With Twitter

Making money in Twitter is simple and fun. You do not need to be a computer expert or a full-pledged blogger. All you need to have is a Twitter account with huge followers. Then you are good to go in earning big bucks in your internet money account.

    * Have a Twitter account. Simply go to the website and sign up for a Twitter account free of charge. A valid email address is all you need
    * You need to have followers on your Twitter account. Once you were able to create great number of followers, you are on your way to making money through the use of your Twitter account.

How to make money in Twitter?

1.  Affiliate account can be a company or a person who offers a wide variety of products or services. Make an arrangement with your affiliate account on how you to manage the products and services to be offered on your tweets. Most affiliate companies have their own website, so what a Twitter usually sent out is the link to the company. A twitter user should be able to attract followers using the limited 140-character message in the tweets.

2. Charge companies for the tweet messages they place on your account. You need to allow a company to access your Twitter account. They will send out tweets regarding their products or services. It will depend on your arrangement with the company on how often they are going to post messages. Payments can either be done on a weekly or monthly basis.

3. Recommendation and promotion is another method to earn money in Twitter. A company may ask you to try a particular product or service; in turn you should make a recommendation to your followers about it so they will take interest in trying and purchasing the product. You can also promote any upcoming event related to the products and services that you are recommending. The company can give you monetary compensation for these, or they can send you freebies or offer big discounts.

Twitter is not only a tool for social networking, it has become a tool in helping its users to earn additional income others would even opt to have this as their bread and butter.

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