Sunday, June 20, 2010

Greater Number of Followers

A Twitter user who is concerned in making money through Twitter is required to have a huge number of followers. How to increase Twitter followers is a challenge for a Twitter user especially if you do not have a wide circle of friends.
But there are some techniques that can help on how to increase Twitter followers. Read on and you might want to try a technique or two to boost the number of your Twitter followers.
•    First impression lasts. Your most current tweets are shown on the first page of your Twitter account. You have to make sure that you have interesting tweets that may catch attention of the Twitter world. If your page shows only links and updates about a particular product or company; followers may think that your Twitter is on automatic pilot. Your account is no longer personalized and they will think that you as the Twitter account holder are no longer the one sending out tweets.
•    Suggestion tool is a friend. It will help in suggesting your Twitter account in the Twitter community. If Twitter users find something of relevance on your tweets, most likely they will follow your Twitter account.
•    Follow me. If you happen to have a blog site or you have an account with other social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace, you can also place the Follow Me button on your profile. This will make it easier for your friends to follow you on your Twitter account.
•    URL matters. If you are to post something on a particular blog site you may opt to use your twitter URL. If your post or comment is something interesting chances are people who were able to read your post will follow on your Twitter account.
•    Name game. A creative User ID will definitely catch attention. Although others suggest that you use your real name for User ID, still most people would think that it is better to use a name that suits your personality and easy to remember. You have to create a User ID synonymous to the real you.
•    Talk and participate. Another way of increasing your followers is when you participate in a conversation. There are some conversations which involve famous people. The followers of the famous personality involved in the same conversation will be able to read what you have to say. If they find it interesting, they may start following your Twitter account as well.

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