Monday, August 23, 2010

Hostage Taking Incident

The entire day was filled with tension as you have seen in the news. A hostage-taking incident occur once again. Unfortunately though, the guy who did it was supposed to be a law enforcer. I don't know what came in to his mind to do such act. The hostages were foreign nationals who were here in the country to have a short vacation. This is supposed to be their last day here in the country, sad to say, it became their last day here on earth because of this heart-breaking incident.

All news channels were trying to get the most detailed news of the day's most horrifying event. Although the law enforcers were carefully planning their strategy to rescue the hostages, they failed to do so. I don't know if their fellow police men were to blame for the incident. The hostage-taker saw what happened to his brother as the police men were trying to get him for inquest about the incident. This triggered the temper of the hostage-taker, and killed the remaining hostages inside the tourist bus. It ended brutally, most of the hostages died and the hostage-taker died as well.
A civilian was hit by stray bullet fired by the hostage taker. What I don't understand about the situation is why on earth would a teenage boy be present in the area where life would be at risk. It is a hard habit to break for some Filipinos to be nosy. When the law enforcers confirmed the death of the hostage-taker, immediately a flock of people went in the area where the incident happen. The police men had a hard-time telling these people to leave. To think that it is no longer their business to be there. And there was a heavy downfall of rain at that time, yet it didn't stop these UZIs (uziseros) from poking their noses.

 These are just some of the annoying habits of Filipinos that makes us look stupid in the eyes of the other people. It's a hard habit to break, but it's about time that it should be broken.

No crowd control. Lack of focus. Lack of devices to use to hasten the rescue. All these led to another travel ban in the Philippines. God save the Philippines

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