Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to create business page in facebook

oThe business industry saw a potential market in using Facebook for their business. These businesses decided to tap the millions of Facebook users all over the world. Some business owners may ask how to create a business page on Facebook?
If you have set up your personal Facebook account, it will be easier for you to set up your Facebook business account. You need to be ready with all the necessary business information that you want to put in your Facebook business account. You have to choose among the many categories available as to which you want your business account to be under.
Next step in creating your business page is to find the right photo that you will use for your business account profile. The name of the business and the image that you will upload should be catchy to gain attention in the Facebook world. Using your company logo if you have one is the best profile picture to use.
Then carefully decide on the description of your Facebook business account. You should make your business sound interesting for the Facebook users to visit your page. After writing the necessary information and uploading your business logo, all you need to do is to publish your page.
There are still other steps involve on how to create a business page on facebook. You can edit the applications that can be seen on your business page. A discussion board on your business account will be nice; it is nice to read the opinions of the facebook users regarding your business or even your competitors.
An Events tab is a sure way of notifying your Facebook business account members on the upcoming events and gatherings related to your business. A tab for the News to keep your fan base updated on anything about your business.
Facebook business account can be really beneficial, aside from the fact that it is free of charge. So what more can a business ask for? Your business will be able to reach a larger scale of market in the internet by utilizing one of the most famous social networking sites in the world. You do not need to spend a huge amount of money to set up your business page.
All you need is to provide good service to your customers and surely it will spread rapidly all over the Facebook business world.

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